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Visa Services
Visa Runs
B: 30, 60, 90 days
Minibus from chiangmai 7.00pm to Thai embassy (vientiane) 8.30am, stay one night vientiane (Customer pay), 2nd day from nongkhai (aya service office) 6.30pm return to chiangmai 5.00am

Daily 7:00 pm
Free shuttle service
C: Myanmar
(Tourist Visa 30 days)
2 photos 2"x2", 4 working days
Only contact aya office

D: Vietnam
1 photo 2"x2", 1 working day
Only contact aya office

E: Laos
(Countries except Canada)
1 photo 2"x2"
1 month Tourist Visa

F: Cambodia
2 photos 2"x2"
1 month Tourist Visa

H: China
2 photos 2"x2"
Must show your back account for the previous 6
Roundtrip Ticket, 1 month Tourist Visa
Hotel booking confirmation
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