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Cooking Course
Thai cuisine is rich and fresh ingredients, colorful and famous natural spices, eat your appetite will not be satisfied only in Thailand, Chiang Mai, our selection of the most professional Thai cuisine cooking courses allow you to Thai cuisine to take home. 8:30-9:00 am from your hotel lobby departure, travel to local markets, the chef and learn to pick with you know the characteristics of Thai ingredients and spices, then ride after learning base, to the garden again consolidate your impression of ingredients. Thai cuisine kitchen offers dozens of recipes, papaya salad, Tom Yum Kung, mango sticky rice, Thai green curry and other dishes in its columns, you can choose from six dishes, with half the time to learn. Teachers will demonstrate the production process in advance and explain each dish precautions, followed by your cook, completing all the dishes, you will get honors diploma, and receive detailed recipes, finally in front of the elegant dining table to enjoy yourself cooking food. After lunch is optional carved courses. Afternoon shuttle ride back to the hotel around 15:30 pm or so.
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