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Mesa Elephant Camp Half Day
7:30-8:00 am ( or noon 11:30-12:00 ) , you will stay in the hotel lobby , take our free shuttle to the [U.S. ] Lufthansa Elephant Camp , drive about 30 minutes . After reaching Elephant Camp , you will be at 9:30 am ( or 13:30 pm ) enjoy Elephant show ]: painting, playing soccer , dancing ...... and even a massage ! Just when you are amazed by these behemoths versatile, we would like to invite you to sit back high chair , walk through the beautiful jungle and rivers , [ ] swimming one hour elephant ride . After the end of a pleasant and fulfilling a long time, our luxury car business will send you back to the hotel.

Package Contents:
The price includes the items listed in the itinerary
2, free shuttle bus and experienced drivers
3 , includes travel personal accident insurance

Special Note :
Since each elephant can take two adults is recommended that you bring with peers , as a single person riding a fee of 1,200 baht. For safety reasons, children under 6 years and adults must take the same elephant , and preferably between two adults sitting .
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