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Chiang Rai Special tour
Many temples in Thailand , Chiang Rai has two famous temples are not the temples , which is Wat rong khun and Black Temple . Wat rong khun behalf of heaven , hell Black Temple representatives are designed by famous artists in Thailand religious theme museum built to shock the art style and exquisite architectural design known for countless worshipers went to see this small town in northern Thailand true capacity .

Wat rong khun also known as Long Kun Temple, Thailand famous artists , architects , painters , Mr. Chalermchai to the king and queen gifts , began designing in 1997 , construction began the following year , has not yet been completed. Pure white main building symbolizes the pure Buddhist country , studded silver-white mosaic wall in the sun shine, reminding us of scenes paradise , cleanse the soul . Wat rong khun complicated decorative details intriguing : thousands of arm waving in the bridge , as if struggling to repentance ; hell fallen souls waiting to be redeemed ; hanging in the trees of various demons , warned the world seems to be with people ......

Black Temple is a world-renowned painter Mr. Thawan Duchanee Thailand in self-financing the construction of clean dishes , both his own studio , but also opening up a garden- museum. Thai temples by the multi- seat hall structure composed of logs to hell and death as its theme. Artist spending a lifetime effort to collect a lot more than expected about death , hell exhibits, installation art with modern techniques to bring the exhibits fused into one a work of art. Massive temple -style central hall more than ten meters high , from both sides of the door and into the sunshine Thai wooden windows , only to illuminate this dark corner of the lobby , a dark emptiness remaining , it is reminiscent of infernal . All the buildings here are works of art in black tone, so called " Black Temple ."

Moreover , Chiang Rai has a unique ethnic culture , Thailand and Laos, Burma junction mysterious "Golden Triangle" is also located in Chiang Rai, are well worth a visit .

We will be 7:30 am departure from your hotel , drive to Wat rong khun, on the way to break the [ spa ] . [ Arrived ] Wat rong khun , worship this magnificent architectural treasures, enjoy [ lunch ] in place , and then go to lunch [ Black Temple ] to accept the baptism of the soul , then you can own expense ( 200 baht / person ) long visit neck tribe villages, finally arrived in the famous Golden Triangle [ region ] , feel the enchanting scenery of the Mekong in Laos , Myanmar and Thailand, three interchanges , leaving precious commemorative photos . After the end of the day a rich journey , you will return to Chiang Mai hotel around 20:00 pm .

Package Contents:
1 , with hotel transfers and lunch
2 , commercial vans and experienced drivers
3 , including travel personal accident insurance
4 Optional: long-necked tribe and the Mekong by boat for an additional 200 baht per person each pay ( to decide whether to participate )
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