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Tiger Kingdom Chiangmai
Take a picture with a tiger in many size
When you buy a package of Tiger protection in Chiang Mai, will be taken into sonkrong the Tiger next to each size. Officials are looking closely. Visitors will be invited to cuddle with the Tigers close the most dramatic time was closer to the God of forest that are considered fierce and has images that are ready to go show off the package price, friend to take a picture with a tiger Tiger protection has the following:
Large Tiger 420 baht
Medium-sized Tiger 420 baht
A small Tiger 520 baht
Sue Boy Scout size 620 baht
In addition, there are also packages for more than one photo. As follows:
Tiger Tiger, a large, small or medium + 840 baht.
Large Tiger or Tigers Tiger small medium size + Scout + 1260 THB.
Take a picture with a tiger all 4 dimensions: 1480.
Looking to visit the Tiger just outside dinning with Tiger tour.
The main aspects of the Tiger protection areas. Watch tourists take a picture with a tiger in the cage with high angle. The other is a restaurant where visitors can enjoy dining there tiger buffet 11.00-14.00 time hrs.
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