Terms and conditions

Rental process

At the time of rental, renter will be met at AYA’s office and escorted to the vehicle where renter will be delivered a designated vehicle. At the end of the rental, the renter will return the vehicle intact to AYA’s office, unless otherwise agreed. One renter/passport is only eligible to rent 1 motorcycle at one particular time.

User Restriction:

The vehicle will not operated by anyone;

Traffic law violations

Renter will pay all fines and penalties for traffic law violations that occur during the rental (including parking violations), and an administrative charge to owner for responding to authorities concerning such violations.

Repairs and alterations

Renter will not permit any repair to the vehicle, or the replacement of any part on the vehicle, without consent of AYA Service Co., Ltd. Renter will not tamper with the vehicle’s odometer or speedometer or otherwise alter the vehicle, renter will pay for all unauthorized repairs and replacement parts, as well as the cost of restoring any unauthorized alterations.

Failure to return vehicle

If the renter failed to return the vehicle after the agreed rental period, this means the renter is in unlawful possession of the vehicle, and owner may seek the insurance of a warrant for the arrest of anyone in possession of the vehicle (including renter).